Amish term for being out of something.
The salad dressing is gone.
"The salad dressing is about all"
by Vampiricos July 2, 2006
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YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666's signature phrase, which is said at the end of (pretty much) every video.
by TT_Raven July 24, 2018
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An expression indicating extreme doubt, often implying that the suggested idea was a terrible or unwise one.
"Dude, would you do acid if I offered you some?"
"I don't know about all that."
by Paul L-K (while blunted) March 23, 2005
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1.A positive response to a question or suggestion.

2.An expression of joy.

3.An expression to convey a fascination or extreme intrest.

"Are you ready to go?" "I'm all about it!"

"Do you want some pizza?" "Oh, I'm all about it."

"Did you see that hottie?" "Man, I'm AAAAAAALLLLLL about it!"
by ~*NFKNBLVBL*~ April 14, 2006
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- Extreme like, infatuation or love of something or someone.
Jen is all about Ben.
by Maggie January 7, 2004
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