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a term used by the irish to say yhey are very very very drunk!
"aww man i am sooo locked!!"
by 37man April 25, 2007
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Available Domains :D

1) To have down packed
2) Perfection
3) To hold down
How did your performance go?
I had it locked.

For Girls:
I thought I seen your man last night.
Girl, i got him on lock, he dont go out any more.

For men:
How it go last night?
I got that pussy on lock!
by cier June 14, 2010
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1 - When a computer system shuts down and stops operation, usualyl without the operator wanting it to happen.

2 - A protected program.

3 - A file that has been changed by the OS so that it cannot be changed or deleted; often very easy to unlock.

4 - A floppy disk which has been physically locked to prevent accidental alteration or to prevent stupid people from modifying the contents.
The system is locked.
by Larstait November 06, 2003
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"cool"; something that is really great or good, awesome, dope, fun
Wow!, this party is locked!
by 3_amigas! July 21, 2016
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"Cool"; something dope, awesome, amazing, fun, turnt, great
This party is locked!!
by 3_amigas! July 09, 2016
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