the tangy residue that remains after finger penetration or oral titilation. warning: do not comsume more tan two to three ounces per serving.
after I clit ripped her with the crippler, I tasted her sour cream dip and licked my fingers clean.
by zimdaddy August 17, 2003
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another way to say "yeast infection" without really saying yeast infection
"Damn i'm making some sour cream...gotta get me some vagisil"
by jai November 9, 2003
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Nick name given to people who have a common name spelled uncommonly.
Guy 1: Hey girl what's you name.
Girl 1: Alexus but spelled with a u.
Guy 1: Really...... well i will call you sour cream instead.
by bigbird's bitch April 18, 2011
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Old guy jizz, cum, semen, etc.
My sister came home, and her brerath smelled like she'd been drinking sour cream. Filthy whore!
by the big sleaze October 28, 2006
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A cream that is of a sour taste, the consistency of somewhat hardened yogurt.
"Hey can you pass me the sour cream?"
"Where do you think we live? Finland?"
by 3ggs May 18, 2020
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A derogatory word used for a pasty white person, especially one who is being racist.
White person: "Look at that nigger over there! You want some chicken? KFC's thataway!"

Black person: "STFU you Sour cream lookin piece of shit!"
by phillysfinest22 September 18, 2011
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