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26 definitions by Brittney

stuffing is when a girl lies about her boobie size and stuffs them with tissue
OMG i was crying and the girl who i thought was stuffing pulled cleanex out of her bra and gave it to me to wipe my eyes.
by Brittney July 8, 2004
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1.)An extremely hateful term used by the narrow-minded.

2.)A bundle of sticks.

(Get the connection? Back in the day when people were burned at the stake for being homosexual, homosexuals were called "faggots" or bundles of sticks. As to imply that their only purpose on this earth is to be of kindling.)
I use the word "faggot" because I'm a big man.
by Brittney December 30, 2004
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A gorgeous beauty who's name isn't necessarily used often; which adds to her unique factor. Deadris isn't just gorgeous on the eyes but also in her heart. She stands up for what is right, and fights against any type of harm that would come to the ones she loves. All the bitches and hoes envy her and wish to be as fabulous as she is. Deadris is a loving sweetheart, she has a hunger and taste for the wild side! Her nickname is "Dee" which can also be defined as ' a smooth playa who keeps it real!'. Ultimately true about all the Deadris' out there. They live by the motto, "Fine on the streets; Fun in the sheets." She is an overachiever who strives for the success of herself as well as others. A Deadris is a girl who you would want to take home to introduce to your parents. Good Luck finding girls as good as a Deadris. Not many out there!
1st Guy Swooning: Wow! Look at how beautiful Deadris is! There's no one else as amazing as her!
Jealous Girl: Whatever she's alright.

2nd Guy Swooning: Yeah right! She's perfect!
by Brittney May 4, 2015
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When one male seeks one female in intercorse, and the only thing stopping him is DRYNESS.....simply grab a luv sponge and have a "slippery when wet" of a time
by Brittney May 16, 2004
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1) coolest people ever!!
2)Biggest stoners known to the hamilton/ dundas are
3)big butts
4) like the gunt
5) both 15 and single ;) lol
omg look at salam and brittney.. they look like those rap guys girlfriends.. but ugh who understands those rap guys they only talk to those girls because they look like total prostitaughts i mean there bums :) there just so big and like yah you know..
by Brittney December 12, 2004
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