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Sexual activites involving your mouth,tongue. A male licking eatting out a females vagina. A women sucking a males dick. blowjob , head
My girlfriend gave me head yesterday.
by Brittney April 09, 2005

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A fine foxy daddy, preferably with a wife and three kids. Ripped to the max from carrying all those baby carriages,idolized by mature teenage girls. Prime daddy-meat, Bryan Adams, Paul Newman;
It was a "DILF"icult decision trying to select the prime dilf ready for picking between Gary Hoekstra and wade campbell
by brittney December 27, 2003

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stuffing is when a girl lies about her boobie size and stuffs them with tissue
OMG i was crying and the girl who i thought was stuffing pulled cleanex out of her bra and gave it to me to wipe my eyes.
by brittney July 08, 2004

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the hottest man alive who should be worshiped as god! he is kick ass at guitar and has hot hair.
Jade Puget has a face carved by angels
by brittney November 11, 2004

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sexy boy with Bubley rhimes,and gangsta stile
Their is only 1 lilfizz
by Brittney December 17, 2003

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means to be one lame ass random kid who totally rocks ;. it's quite the compliment to be called a milla. so be pround. ps : yeah it also means you cannot spell ;
" there goes dat milla again , bustin ass "
by Brittney April 04, 2005

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The term for the biggest P.I.M.P. in a certain region
Yo that boy is so fine hes deffintley krainak
by Brittney January 14, 2005

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