Someone who talks excessively about subject matter that no one has any interest in, or has talked about it to the point where no one cares any more.
anyone who talks about magic the gathering a.k.a a punisher
by anti punisher November 10, 2010
Variation in giving the middle finger/flipping the bird, by bringing your middle finger down and the rest of your fingers remain extended. This hand gesture is used when someone doesn't deserve just one finger (fuck you); they need to get fucked "once in the pink, twice as much in the stink."
When driving in traffic, and someone is being a total dick on the road, instead of flipping them off, give'em the punisher
by mako300 April 28, 2006
Male masturbatory technique where you reaptedly punch yourself in the testicles with ure off hand
Dont ever try the punisher unlees you want to cum blood
by Tothmacher May 20, 2006
The punisher is a derivation of the shocker. You stick the pointer and middle finger in the vagina and the pinky in the anus. Then you alternate to the other hand. You do this rapidly and repeatedly.
She had seen the shocker, but when I gave her the punisher it was a whole new world.
by Sinan January 9, 2004
the badest mother fucker ever. recently made into a movie, which kicked so much ass.
Joe,Bob,Mike,Lindsey, and Ben saw the punisher; the exploding cars scene made mike go into convulsions because it was so badass.
by Joe April 28, 2004
A person that seeks out band members at a show for the specific goal of asking them details about all the minutiae of recording, playing, writing and/or tells the band member all the details of their own recording, playing or writing.
Keep the back stage door locked, there's a lotta punishers out there tonight.
by delmuerte May 19, 2019
When someone screws up and their parents find out and get angry and prohibit them from doing stuff. A teenager form of grounding.
Marco couldn't come play and canoodle today because he's on punishment.
by Sarah #2 February 26, 2005