Wen ur homeboy or whom ever is faded ass fuck n on the verge of passing out or tipping over, n sum1 ask r u straight meaning r u gonna be alright?
Ay Yo, u striaght dog?
by JstnTym420 August 30, 2004
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To consume a bad-tasting alcoholic beverage without a better tasting drink immediately after. The chaser is the better tasting drink.
He drank the tequila straight, no chaser.
by Isi Oamen February 8, 2004
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no sex, drugs or alcohol

their sign is three x's one on each hand and crosses arms to form an x
that striaght edge kid just spilled sprite all over my marijuana
by Mary Jane Hendrix September 15, 2006
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some kills that will result in ultra highness
the weed was some striaght drop!!
by Andrew, Banda May 29, 2007
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a person who is, by nature, a homosexual being and likes involving themselves with homosexual activities in other words a HOMOSEXUAL.
basic is striaght.
by knifes February 8, 2023
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