Talking about something in which the intended audience does not give a flying fuck about.
That XefgT always says shit that no one cares about.
by Lanfoolz February 1, 2007
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look man we get it you have 100k follows on tiktok i dont care
No one cares about your fame
by YAY_fucktheinternet April 20, 2021
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You and your love life,"no one cares " mainly because you're not loved
No one cares about you
by Pornhub...cummmmm September 28, 2018
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A term which i find fits Kim quite well. Though it is a generalisation, which im opposed to, i think it is, by and large, true.

(If anyone does care, and wishes to argue their case, i'd like to hear from you. I like funny e-mails...)
Kim: Blah blah blah, i have problems with everyone. I'm always in an argument. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
Lar: No-one care
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004
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You care enough to read it every day dontcha bitch.
Hym “Yeah, no one cares but where are you right now shit-brain? Huh? Yeah. That’s what I thought. You cared enough to say something about it didn’t you? Uh huh. That’s you motherfucker. That’s what you care about.”
by Hym Iam October 14, 2022
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A quote from Dragon Ball Abridged, a fan based parody of Dragon Ball broad casted on you tube. Krillin is one of the main characters in Dragon Ball and in this parody, he is hated by every character where the line 'No one cares Krillin!' is a form of hatred in a comedic perspective. This is said to people who is not required to give your attention or someone who has said something exaggerated to another person who has no interest to the subject.
Sally: OMG! I got a big paper cut and it really hurts!!!
Greg: No one cares Krillin!
by panda-coach ricky November 26, 2009
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a salty way of telling someone to be quiet. usually used if someone is being annoying. similar to saying shut up. this phrase is commonly seen on shirts.
Person: goes on and on about something
The other person: shh no one cares
by GalaxyTheCat October 22, 2020
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