Cute brown haired guy with the sweetest dimples. The most flawless, charming boy you'll ever meet. Has a good sense for fashion. He is a great listener and really cares about his friends. Will do everything to cheer you up.
Allison: "You saw that cute guy over there?"
May: "11 out of 10"
Allison: "Such a Marco."
by allen wawawalker December 5, 2021
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The most amazing guy in the world. He is sweet, thoughtful, and funny. He is a weirdo but you will still love him because he is perfect no matter what. He is full of surprises and has a great sense of humor. He will understand you and always be there for you no matter what.
I met this amazing guy! He is just like Marco.
by BroadwayBaby July 26, 2017
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The most cutest guy ever. He may seem like a nerd but he has a caring heart. He will make you fall in love and lead you on but will come back. He loves video games. And he always makes sure his hair is okay
Girl 1:Hey girl, I just came back from my date and it was wonderful
Girl 2:you must've gone out with Marco

Girl 1:How'd you know
by Sosadbutinlove June 3, 2014
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Marco is someone who will never give up on those he cares about. He’s a protector and is able to make light out of any situation.

He is also always late to every event so make sure to tell him a time 30 mins ahead so he will end up arriving right on time.
He tends to misread people’s feeling but always has his heart in the right place. He almost always has his head up in the clouds but is very creative and intelligent.
He doesn’t know what he wants and usually needs a little motivation in order to get him interested in something new.
It is hard to have feelings for someone like Marco because he isn’t very good at reading the signs. It’s best to be straight forward with how you feel or you might end up hurt. He is also very easy to fall in love with.
Be patient with him and don’t give up your friendship because in the end it will be very rewarding.
How would you describe Marco?

I would say Marco is the best Friend anyone could hope to have.
by C2018MS July 13, 2018
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A real savage ass nigga. Pulls hoess. Never leave his squad nick name 12 inch daddy. Stick up for his R.O.D's. Loyal
God damn does marco ever leave his squad?
by Assfucm710293 January 31, 2017
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A man or kid usually of Italian decent. Has Brown hair usually Brown eyes. Is proud to be Italian, makes friends with a lot of people. Is shy until you actually get to know him.
by PegasusMaster December 16, 2014
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A mexican guy with sparkly brown eyes. Very intelligent and ambitious. Strong, hardworking, and talented. Doesn't smile very often but looks great when he does. Always watches out for his friends and is very kind to everyone.
Marco is such a great guy!
by themainbitchtt May 24, 2014
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