“you can’t tell anyone”
tells bestfriend..
by PickleEls February 7, 2019
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A thing to refer to every person but Chase.
Me: Anyone free today?
People that are chase: Yes.
Me: I wasn’t asking you, you’re chase.
People that aren’t chase: Yes, let’s hang.

Me: Okay!
by Mr. McMasio November 9, 2018
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a pronoun used by ryan meaney to refer to the members of the we falling twitter group chat
“don’t forget us when ur famous

“we not forgetting anyone” - ryanmeaney12
by ryan meaney December 29, 2020
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The asterisk(*) is used as shorthand after 'anyone' or any other indefinite pronoun to clarify that you're speaking ONLY to the persons present on whatever social media platform you're posing the current question, which avoids constantly having to specify "anyone ON HERE" and thus avoiding smart-arse replies.
Q "does anyone think that David Moyes is a great managerial appointment?"

A "I'm sure some people (like his mother and his wife) think he's a genius; I, however, think he's fucking clueless"

If we correctly use the asterisk, we should expect the following, much more concise, response:

Q "does anyone* think that David Moyes is a great managerial appointment?"

A "Nope, everyone* thinks he's fucking useless"
by nick_AKA_ January 8, 2014
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Of the most stuperior quality. Opposite of the oofala
Did you see Dougie's sweet 1970 Chevelle? That is anyones!
by Fast Bobby January 28, 2004
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When the OP asks a question or request on a forum and nobody responds, so OP replies to the thread again with "Anyone?" It'd be wishing thinking to think someone would reply back this time, but more often than not the OP's thread will likely be ignored forever.

From the OP's perspective, feelings of resent will likely ensue.

From an outsider's perspective, they will either:
A) Cringe until sad, if the question or request was incredibly stupid or pathetic af
B) Also feel for the OP, if the question or request was reasonable or relatable
OP 1: Hi everyone! So I've been literally searching everywhere but could not find any website where people offer constructive feedback for other people's musical work. But now finally I found this subreddit (r/roastmytrack) and thought you guys would like to critique my new track that I made. I think I did really well on this one! Is there anything I can improve on? Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
*dead silence*
OP 1, two days later: Anyone?
*dead silence*


OP 2: hiii everyone my name is jeff im really horny rn got 13 in dick anybody wanna be my bae?? 👅👅👅
OP 2: anyone?
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Can be racist, despite the false notion that only white people can be racist and that all white people are racist just because they're white.
Anyone that is a hypocrite can suck my dick, not literally of course, because that's disgusting.
by PhoenixGamer34 March 28, 2022
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