To lay in bed and cuddle with a lover
The tall man enjoyed canoodling with petite women.
by Anthony December 2, 2003
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to be touchy feely.


a way to describe couples who are always together but when you can't find one you say they're canoodling with so and so
Wheres Melissa?
Idk probably off somewhere to canoodle with Noah
by PuffinSongsLover(look them up) December 6, 2010
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to make out in a canoe.

one of the defining characteristics of being Canadian is one's ability to canoodle without tipping over.
you may be a Canuck if you can canoodle.
by canoodler September 4, 2013
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Any or all of the following acts: hugging; holding hands; touching, caressing, massaging, kissing, or licking nonreproductive body parts (neck, stomach, back, lips, etc.)

Approximate synonym of "cuddle"
"I so saw Ashley and Josh canoodling in the park yesterday!"

"Yeah, did you see her hand on his stomach!?"
by President Handell June 6, 2005
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dancing wildly on one another to supafly beats.
Erika and Kyle canoodle while listening to Missy Elliott.
by ERIKYLE (holla) September 30, 2006
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Cuddling the Canadian way, i.e. never involving PDA (public display of affection).
In the cinema:

German guy: Let's make out!
Canadian girl: No, not in public! Let's wait until we're home and we'll canoodle all night.
by ZeGearman October 7, 2010
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A most rare house pet resulting from the successful breeding of a poodle with a maine coon cat that has a fat frizzy ringed fluffy tail, hardly sheds, and keeps a pissed off arrogant attitude.
Your canoodle just stole the pizza right off my plate!
by Hyperthrive December 8, 2018
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