to increase rapidly in numbers due to not practicing abortion
While conservative Christians continue to proliferate, liberals are prochoicerating.
by FlaviusP February 17, 2016
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according to my 11th grade biology teacher : "hump like crazy"
when bacteria mass reproduce, they proliferate
by pinkybrit21 October 1, 2004
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The rampant spread of something as seen with nuclear weapons or sexually transmitted diseases. Single celled organisms tend to proliferate rapidly and spyware has proliferated beyond control.
Stop the proliferation of ignorance, use english instead of ebonics or 1337.
by Nathan July 18, 2004
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the annoying tendency for any grocery or convenience store beer case to be 99% filled with different brands of the same bland undrinkable 'American pilsner': Budwieser, Miller, Coors, etc.,with the remaining 1% contaning poor examples of imported beers like Heiniken or corona. Often the only ale offering is
I went to the store wanting some DunkelWiesen but was disapointed to find a bad case of Pilsner Proliferation.
by Noel S December 4, 2003
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when the software companies make passwords longer than a polynomial.
The password power proliferation made Americans remember more of their passwords than their family members' phone numbers.
by Coop Dupe January 7, 2020
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AKA (Halloween) Diabetes Proliferation Day (DPD) is the catalyst of a week long candy binge that is engaged in primarily by children. It is encouraged by parents, neighbors, and even teachers; going so far as to bribe children with candy around this time. This day also involves dressing up in costume, but this element is not as important as the fact that kids will consume enough sugar to keep them up for days.
I made out real well this Diabetes Proliferation Day. Not only did I pocket at least 30 kit kats, milky ways and smarties a piece, but my blood sugar level hit an all time high!
by Honest Earnest October 12, 2011
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