The store is a fabled land referenced to in the phrase "Go to the store, eh?' and is most likely specifically the grocery-type of store.
Gertrude: "Go to the store, eh?"
Timothy: "The grocery-type store?"
Gertrude: "Yes, the grocery-type store."
by Jason Q. Dedrickston December 16, 2004
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A man's balls. Think of what a squirrel keeps in a hollow tree---a store of nuts.
Aaaaaah! She kicked him right in the store!

The line drive took a bad hop and nailed the pitcher right in the store.

I'd like to try ridin' that there mechanical bull, but I'm awful afraid I might damage my store.
by weinerblizzard December 4, 2009
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A stupid whore. Close to slore which is a slut whore
She's so dumb, that store!!
by mavis gyal August 7, 2008
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a stoner and a whore. a store.
Heather is such a store.
by Nitzbitzuno October 1, 2006
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Refers to the retention of substances in the anal and/or vaginal passages.

Although the term is sometimes used in relation to concealing illegal substances or objects from the law, the canonical usage of 'storing' is limited to fluids produced during intercourse.

Recently among the Millennial generation the term has taken to refer to the difficulty of felching an individual due to retention of felch away from the vaginal or anal opening.
Someone get me a straw, this bitch is storing.
by Just(In Credible) April 12, 2015
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Storee tends to be pretty anti-social and can seem to be mean to an outsider. But once you get to know Storee, you'll realize that she is actually really fun to be around and goofy. She loves making people smile and really knows how to party. A Storee is really loyal to her partner, friends and family and will stick up for them no matter what. You will regret breaking her heart because once you hurt her .. its over.
Hey have you met the new girl?
Who Storee? Yeah she amazing, imma make her mine.
by dcree June 11, 2020
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