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Quite literally change, or chaotic nature. Vicissitude would be used to describe the emotional state of mental patients or the chemical properties of nitro and glycerin.
Vicissitude is a word that is used mainly to belittle others in that very few people know it's meaning.
by Nathan July 18, 2004
A weird ass dude who tweeks now and then; he loves gettin the mail and buyin cell phone accessories. Also known as boobs, nubs, booby tuesday, nubuckle, lil boobauer, RBN, bauer, nuboid nutreno, poker face, noobles, nooby
Nubes is a kid with serious nerves and intensity.
by Nathan February 16, 2004
An excuse for not knowing the correct spelling of a word.
1: Thats wierd, my indeviduality is deprishiating at an starteling rate

2: what?

1: Uh... typo

2: Moron.
by Nathan July 18, 2004
lesbien sex when Nathan is inculded in some way, shape, or form
Me, Robin, and Lisa are gonna have some hot padoofass later.
by Nathan July 4, 2003
When a ninja has mastered the arts of night stealtage and has gained the use of all 6 senses (including the psychic abilities they gain through deathly training), they are able to go out and ninja in the night without worrying about jerks spotting them.
Guy: "Dude, did you see that?"
Dude: "Guy, stfu and get me some pie."
by Nathan March 1, 2005
Fuck smokin out of a bowl nub, grab my Bong. Like i say "if it dont bubble, it aint worth the trouble"
by Nathan November 14, 2003
when one jams their foot into the back of ones kneecap, causing them to trip, stumble, or "brosky"
"I broskyed Mr. Hutter the other day in front of everyone."
by Nathan March 31, 2003