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pussification(noun): the state in which a society becomes less and less tough. This noun's originator is the famous comedian George Carlin.
"We are undergoing a pussification of our entire society."
by Nathan June 23, 2003

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to caress your clothed partner on and above the neck. (old defn, circa 1960)
"The girls were terrific. They went out in the backyard and necked with us." - On the Road, by Jack Kerouac
by nathan October 27, 2003

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a water pipe used to smoke herb
Fuck smokin out of a bowl nub, grab my Bong. Like i say "if it dont bubble, it aint worth the trouble"
by nathan November 14, 2003

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"Little Brown Fulcking Machine"
American millitary slang for whores obtained in east asian countries.
"Five dollar sucky-sucky? I love you long time!" said the Vietnamese LBFM to the peachy faced American draftee who still had wisdom teeth but was about to lose his virginity.
by Nathan April 07, 2003

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wagwan star
by Nathan September 22, 2003

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Southern/Texas version of a Strip Club
Sir, you have a malignant tumor...Hell, we'll take ya to a titty bar!
by Nathan October 24, 2003

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Basically; the art/sport which consists of doing various stunts on a peice of wood attached to wheels.
The best sport in the world is skateboarding.
by Nathan December 04, 2003

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