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When a ninja has mastered the arts of night stealtage and has gained the use of all 6 senses (including the psychic abilities they gain through deathly training), they are able to go out and ninja in the night without worrying about jerks spotting them.
Guy: "Dude, did you see that?"
Dude: "Guy, stfu and get me some pie."
by Nathan March 1, 2005
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Fuck smokin out of a bowl nub, grab my Bong. Like i say "if it dont bubble, it aint worth the trouble"
by Nathan November 14, 2003
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I was at a bar talking to this girl when my buddy blinned me.
by Nathan February 25, 2005
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(1.) When two gangs fight each other. Specifically mafia gangs (they wear trench coats, trench wars...)

(2.) The Columbine Shooting (the kids who shot up columbine wore trench coats)
Aw man, did you see the british vs. italian trench war? It was fuckin nuts!

Man, that John kid was so fucked up. He was talkin about doin a trench war on our school, so I got him expelled.
by Nathan February 28, 2004
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Acronym of Bisexual Until Graduation
Generally in reference to women at small expensive American liberal arts colleges. See also trendsbian.
For every true dyke at this school there are ten bugs faking it.
by Nathan April 1, 2003
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