156 definitions by Nathan

it means getting the crap beat out of you for your money or anything of worth
Im going to put a lick on that man
by Nathan November 17, 2003
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gives you a very sore vagina afta a nite full of sex! bushy eyebrows! hyperactive.... loves eminem and sexxxxxxxxxxxxx
very worth while.. you bump into him take him home....(trust!) he he aaahhh!! (you will be saying that all nite and for 3 weeks)
by Nathan December 11, 2003
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to be moi't is to be damp or wet... its anabbreviation of moist. this aboriginal chick (this is in townsville, australia) was all drunk and she was yellin out "hey , you boys over there, you makin me all moi't!"
my pants are all moi't from the hose
by Nathan March 21, 2005
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new soda sold in north debraska
these idiots make no sense its a damn soda
by Nathan August 17, 2003
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Taking a "massive" dump and not flushing it. Massive Dump, No Flush
I took a MDNF in the CEO’s private bathroom.
by Nathan November 09, 2004
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While some people recognize the name Lu Bu as a character from many games from the Koei company, He was an actual person from ancient China. He was known to have no equal in battle, probaly one of the only super warriors to ever exist. His only love was battle and any loyalty to someone was for his own personal agenda. The fall of the Han Dynasty created choas which was a good opportunity for him to claim power.
Lu Bu was truly the greatest warrior to ever live.
by Nathan November 28, 2003
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