The act of repopulating a species
The way to repopulate is to reproduce
by CL67 June 12, 2017
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This term is most commonly used in a role playing situation, when things are getting heated with your roblox boyfriend you use the term -reproduces- in the chat, it adds spice and is the more formal word for having sex.
Bob: Dang Susie you are looking really good, do you want to get in the bed?
Susie: Of course. -reproduces-
by Ripebagelz February 14, 2021
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A bodily fluid that can make a baby
I think that girl wants some of his reproduce juice.
by Mattyyahoo December 29, 2017
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when someone is not satisfied with their first round of kids and they want a do-over.
Q: "Dani, why do I feel like that guy is dating my womb?"
A: "Because he wants to re-reproduce with you and have a girl this time"
by glowlita November 17, 2009
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A common response in a debate--usually on an online forum--when a person can't really refute their opponent's argument but wants to sound intelligent anyway.
Person A: "'The Wizard of Oz' is the greatest cinematic achievement of the 20th century."
Person B: "What a ridiculous thing to say! What about 'Star Wars?' 'The Breakfast Club?' Or 'The Matrix?'"
Person A: "'The Wizard of Oz' is more quotable, had better character and plot development, appealed to a larger audience and still dazzles fans with it's comparatively primitive special effects to this day."
Person B: "'The Wizard of Oz' sucks and I hope you don't reproduce, you have no business being a parent."
Person A: "I see. You must have developed your debate skills in an American public school. Nice."
by kevthenurse January 21, 2014
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When you steal a script, but you tell everyone you reproduced it.
Sky: You stole my script.
Oliver: I didn't steal it, I reproduced it.
by lukecall May 5, 2020
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