To grind one's genitalia in a press-and-release pattern against a particular object or surface; usually associated with an inanimate object.
by Matthew Darke February 19, 2003
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hump for a man or woman to sit on his/her back and move up and down, hard and fast
Girl: If I sit down here will you hump me?
Boy: Yeah!
The girl lays on the table on the guy gets on top of her and stabs his penis into the girl's vagina and her moves up and down on her hard and fast. "OOH! AAH!" She moans, "Faster! Faster!"
by Someone that knows February 25, 2006
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Vietnam-Era Military Verb: To march, walk, hike, or otherwise engage in long distance traveling by foot for the purposes of waging war, moving materials, or bringing the fight to the enemy.

To hump means simply to walk during combat conditions.
We had to hump 8 klicks before sundown and then dig a fox hole before eating chow for the night.
by shailoche August 12, 2009
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the interaction between two people either male with male, or female with male. with definite thrust into one's reproductive system. it may vary from many different ways.
" Dayum, that chicks just so finee. I want to hump her all night long. "
by Ching Chong Bobbio. July 1, 2006
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She looked so hot he really wanted to hump her.
by Doug November 21, 2002
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