Brits who went to America killed the natives and were too stingy to pay the small tea tax. They went mad because of the tea deprivation and decided they wanted independence! They swore never ever to drink tea ever again.
Me: Do you at least have a kettle!
Americans: *sweating*
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I'm not even American, so don't just shrug this off as 'An American trying to defend themself and their country.'

I myself am Canadian, and although SOME Americans are fat, idiotic, ignorant slobs, many are the exact opposite. A lot of Americans (probably the majority) are genuine, hardworking people who do the best they can to provide for their family with what they have. Many hate Bush, and are glad Obama's taken his position, hoping that it'll lead to more peaceful and better living. Not all of them wanted to even go into Iraq in the first place, and even though the stereotype for Americans are fat and stupid, many of them don't deserve it, and if you think that 300,000,000 people are stupid fat asses, you are extremely close minded.
Non-American: I hate Americans, they're all fat and stupid.
Me: Well I'm sorry you feel that way, it makes you look very arrogant.
by Cassidy P February 8, 2009
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Anyone originating from the continents of North and South America. However to aline with previous posts will be condensed to people originating from or adopting citizenship in the United States of America. This definition confines "Americans" to a population of roughly 300 million. Within those 300 million or so citizens may be found genetic components originating from every nation and region currently comprising the international community. Considering the diversity and population of these people their individual qualities are equally diverse. So upon interviewing all 300 million one would find everything from the mentally handicapped to the highly brilliant, amazingly ignorant to the extremely knowledgable, and the morbidly obese to the epitamy of healthy. Obviously any statement attempting to stereotype or critque such a broad and varying group of people would only preval in showing the ignorance of the author.
"Americans are ignorant."..... A phrase uttered by a truly ignorant person born between a different set of imaginary lines.
by Erik Robert January 4, 2007
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Not gonna lie here their all retarded fat pieces of shit that annoy me but they do have some nice food their but yet again the fat bastards eat it all before I can get my hands on it big fat sloppy American cunts.
Americans hey dude
British person alright bro
America- omg theirs another British person that just lives in a castle and drinks tea all day
British person- I know right bro but atleast it doesn’t give us heart diseases and makes us look like fucking fat Oompa Loompas like you’se.
by Kill all uncircumcised ppl December 17, 2021
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Human beings who laugh, cry, create. They are just as capable and have just as much potential and soul as anyone else. They have families, they have lives, they have homes, they have worries, they have emotions. Human beings who are just like anybody else but who are largely discriminated against solely because they are from the United States. Being an American is not easy and it most certainly is not always fun. People who think they are nationalistic don't understand that they need to be patriotic now more than ever, because it's what keeps their spirits up and gives them hope.
"All Americans are stupid, stubborn, obese, arrogant, and think they're awesome because they're from America. Americans are all a bunch of jerks."

"Wow, you sound like a self-centered, ignorant fuck who has no idea what he/she is talking about."
by DerpGirl August 20, 2011
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(synonym: Yankees)

Mostly people who live in the USA are called Americans.
People in other countries like to call them fat and stupid which is the common stereotype. Americans think of themselves as free and rich.
When you think of americans the first thing that comes to mind is big fat people sitting on the terrace of McDonald's stuffing themselves.
by mite74 March 26, 2008
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People from America that are generally well-liked, easy going, and sometimes crazy (in a good way). Americans have the large scale on personality due to its diversity of culture and race in its population. On one hand, you have gays and lesbians participating in a gay pride parade, on the other, gays are being killed by others upon discovering their orientation. On one hand, you have "prides" (Black Pride), on the other, you have extreme-ists (KKK). One one hand, you have amazing college professors, on the other, you have the fat american kid that doesn't know shit.

-Americans are fat; Yeah, some are really fatasses, but many are really fit.
-American kids are rich and spoiled; Yeah, those that are expats in international schools and those in public schools can be real brats. But you probably are too, if you're encountering them and not the better ones.
-Americans are racist; Yeah, those trolls you see online, that white kid that picks on minorities, etc really need to be ball-smacked. But those are usually ignorant people from ages 10-25. Young, stupid, unsophisticated.

In general, they're pretty nice people. Respectable and reasonable, only a small percentage of the American population are douchebags.

This is not written by an american.
You racist shitfuckers at my school deserve to be castrated.

I should have given that Americans who found my wallet my week's pay.
by vlieT November 12, 2009
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