Short for Daily Paid Deuce. Taking a crap at work while on the clock thus getting paid to take a number 2.
Man I love getting paid for taking a DPD, its a relief to know that work pays me to shit.
by DPD Frequenter July 20, 2010
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Dwarf police department
Police Officer: DPD
Son: Mom, why is the dwarf police department here?
Mom: I don’t know
by Dumbass_jokes May 4, 2022
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The Dwarf police department DPD. A strategic, thoughtful, and dangerous police force comprised of little people.

Person 1: DPD open up

Person 2: oh shit bro its the Dwarf police department

Person 3: oh shit man the DPD we are fucked.
by Polskiego20 June 7, 2022
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"Dicks Per Day" or how many dicks per day a female (or male) gets.
John: I just got a new girlfriend
Bob: Ya? Whats her DPD?
John: One... mine.
by skaterboyomg February 6, 2012
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Dead Piro Day. This is megatokyo's downtime, where Piro draws us a little doodle instead of a full-fledged comic. See also SGD.
Man, Megatokyo has had six DPDs this month. When will the story continue?
by RhiannonG October 10, 2005
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Dead Parents disorder. A serious case where one or more of your parents are dead
Batman has a serious case of DPD
by poopnip September 25, 2018
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I really need to catch a Pikachu, I wish I had a DPD.
by SvetlanaSamson July 15, 2016
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