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Stella asks, "My old man's having a party tonight and he needs some smarties. I know it's a liberty, but I thought you might know someone."
One-Two replies, "Sorry, love, that's not my thing"
- "RockNRolla" (film, 2008)
by roglewis April 22, 2009
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A nickname for a person of great intelligence, often a women with strong features, extremely beautiful and exotic.
"Hey, Smarty, what's new? I missed you."
by MAUI May 22, 2005
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Yummy sweets!

Like chocolate m & ms but sweeter. Found in Britain.
They come in the colours blue, red, pink, yellow, green and brown.

It is well known that red smarties contain crushed beetles, pink ones can be used as lipstick when wet, orange ones taste of orange and blue ones send you hyper :)
Oi! You! Off my smarties!
by Boylio November 04, 2005
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Small candy wafers that have a sweet, almost fruity taste. They come in many different pastel colors, and are sold in cellophane-wrapped stacks. Manufactured by CE DE Candy company, and available in the US and Canada.
Contrary to popular belief, eating Smarties does not make you smart.
by Stephanie M. December 29, 2003
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A party game that combines the candy of the same name with public humiliation.

In a game of smarties, there are two players, the bottom and the top, chosen by the host of the party. The bottom lays on the floor and the top throws smarties onto the bottom. Smarties that miss or bounce off the bottom are placed by the host wherever he or she desires. The top then eats the smarties off the bottom. The game ends when all the smarties have been eaten.
John: Hey, Jane, let's play smarties!
Jane: fml
by Princess Zeffie March 21, 2010
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This Sweet candy
is full with E numbers and Suger and Bees Wax :|
are they good for us?

Boy:Hey you ate my smarties
Girl:no i diddnt.
Boy: i need my e-Numbers!!!
Girl: well as do i!
Boy:were are they
Girl: i dunno
*tumble weed*
Boy: hey hes hyper
Girl: E-Numbers=P..he ate your Smarties
Boy: hey your right
Randem kid flys past window
by The Smartie Lovers =] May 07, 2006
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