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to kill a child before it becomes an inconvience.
It is a poverty that a child must die so that you may live as you wish" - Mother Theresa

jane got pregnant, but she's having an abortion sunday.
by BETTY CROCKER June 24, 2006
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The act of terminating a life before he or she has had a chance for natural survival. Also a symptom of a society that has failed women. The rate of abortions in the United States could be reduced with logical prevention measures such as single parent housing at universities, more sex education in schools, better state adoption laws and awareness, and better general social support for single parents.
She'd heard that giving up her kid would be too hard, so Jenna decided to have an abortion.
by shouldbewritingapaper May 08, 2007
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If abortion is killing a human being, then male masturbation is a genocide, isn't it?
by Debaser November 04, 2004
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the removal of an unwanted fetus. personally, im against it, seeing has how all cells are living organisms. but, in extreme circumstances such as when a fetus has a disease thats unbearable to live through, a mother having an illness that might threaten the fetus, or a result of rape, its up to the mother. pregnant teenage whores shouldnt get to have a say in it because unless one of the above is happenin to them, it was their own fukin fault that they got knocked up and decided not to use protection! if they just realized the consequences of being a teenage whore, they should do the alternative thing and put the baby up for adoption.
abortion should only be used in extreme causes. it shouldnt be used as a brutal way of birth control for teenage sluts and woman who want to waste their money on abortion mutiple times but cant even buy themselves some birth control pills.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 19, 2005
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The doctor liked his position of performing abortions, because there were so many people wanting them, it made him rich.
by stop abortions May 31, 2009
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I was too cheap to spend 50 cents on a condom, and as a result I have decided to kill my child through an abortion.
by wannnacruise February 21, 2010
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taking the life of your child because you don't want it, despite the fact that over a million people that can't have children on their own would love to adopt it.
"It's my baby, I don't want anybody else to have it alive. I'd rather just kill it."

Casey Anthony had a very late-term abortion. She did it herself, but it's the same thing.
by Jon Longshanks July 12, 2011
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