often used as a last name. People with the last name "KIDD" are often athletic, energetic and have a great sense of humor.
Boy - Hey whats your last name?
Girl - Kidd
Boy - WOW! Thats an awesome last name!!
Girl - Ya. I know! (:
by 12345lalala August 23, 2011
a term gypsy kids who travel the country by either hitching it or hopping a freight around the country to describe one another
I just got into town hitching from Missouri I'm glad to see another kidd.
by Sir traveler December 9, 2009
A great Boyfriend. Sexy of course(: Is very lovable, hard to forget about. Friendly and the most amazing boyfriend i ever had<3
Kidd's favorite saying: I love you and always will protect you.
by Hope(: November 13, 2011
Is An amazing person he chills and don’t need no One but he chooses who to let in his life so don’t take his niceness for a weakness. Kidd is to nice to everybody 😍😂
Chuck:Who are you

Kidd:I’m Kidd

Chuck: Wassup
by Kidd😍😂 July 20, 2018
Dope upcoming rapper from New Orleans. Kidd Kidd used to be affiliated with Young Money but left to sign with G-Unit because of their more hardcore direction. Kidd Kidd is slowly growing into lyrical beast and soon will be a force to recon with.
That new rapper Kidd Kidd is dope!
by @Runzhouse January 10, 2013
A pet name that works in the place of any other generic pet name (babe, hun, etc). More for friends than couples.

Probably originated in a typo (like teh) and was at first popular with scene and emo kids (half of which originated as the geeks who may also speak 1337) but is now popular amongst all stereotypes. Think of the way the skinny jean trend got around (emo kids to scene kids to forever 21 stores across the country) - that's how the kidd trend got around.

To my own experience, it's quite popular in Southern California, but may not be quite as popular in other places (YET).
"Damn, kidd! You kick ass at that game!"

"Don't call me 'kid.'"

"I didn't, I called you KIDD."
by Strive To Resist September 9, 2009
kid spelt wrong
often used by scene or emo kids.
scenexcore:hey kidd
scenexcore:omg did you see that indie kidd today? she was like, giving me the biggest EVILS ever
i.must.be.emo: yeah she like, hates me *cries*
by Ranna November 6, 2006