329 definitions by Coop Dupe

Condi speaks several languages including English, Spanish, French, Russian, and German.
by Coop Dupe January 2, 2020
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criminals deciding to share your private information when you do not want them to.
The college students were hacking for internet access.
by Coop Dupe June 12, 2018
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a short hairstyle for women that makes them look intelligent.
The smart cut was coined by Jordan Thomas Cooper in his college years and used recently by Veep writer Emilia Barrosse in a stand-up routine.
by Coop Dupe November 12, 2021
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to denote that most whites own most of the natural resources in the world even though Asians have the most people.
The statistical nature of wassup will not change in a lot of people’s lifetime.
by Coop Dupe December 15, 2019
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a nickname for NH Governor John Sununu.
Nunu hasn’t been in a movie in decades. He was in a police film in the 1990s.
by Coop Dupe May 13, 2023
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the governnment's unsettling technology that makes people commit more crimes after age 18 even though there is way more opportunity.
The aggravation apparatus had more blacks in jail than were in slavery.
by Coop Dupe June 14, 2018
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when the government waits over a year to share unwritten thoughts with other people for their use.
The intellectual property integrity gave people a chance to develop their electronic assets.
by Coop Dupe December 13, 2019
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