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nickname from Jordan Thomas Cooper for Dubya appointee Amanda Makki, Esq.
AM-UNODIR was the highest ranking Iranian-American female in the Army during Dubya’s administration and the Army is the largest branch of the armed forces.
by Coop Dupe March 18, 2020
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when the government discourages popular blacks from starting families with popular people of the ancient world or their exes to promote white superiority.
Blacks are the richest and most attractive minorities but the ancient world poach was made to try to disassociate blacks from the Bible.
by Coop Dupe August 20, 2020
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Angler was academically suspended from Yale University twice and went to jail a few times.
by Coop Dupe January 17, 2020
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when the dick is fire from a man for a woman and you should get a credit card from her for it.
The erective class was part of the couple’s plans for marriage.
by Coop Dupe October 28, 2021
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George W. Bush coined this term to talk about happenings of a genius-level.
The exemplorary achievements of the historical American made him a distinguished gentleman of his area.
by Coop Dupe May 31, 2018
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communication in-person or over electronic devices using individual instruments
Face-to-face communication technology made it better for all people.
by Coop Dupe January 9, 2020
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