1. a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction
2. somebody or something that makes a change happen or brings about an event
1. Vodka makes a wicked good catalyst. Always makes me sick.
2. Her stupid fuckin catalyst boyfriend, got her listening to oldies.
by lil redneck girl May 3, 2004
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Someone who changes stuff
brings stuff on
starts stuff...
someone kewl!!
like me!
catalyst: i change stuff for the better
kid: yeahhh...
by Emotionless Freak June 22, 2006
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A race of highly evolved pseudo-asians characterized primarily by their powerful intellects, quick reflexes, quicker wits, and inability to repay debts.
That catalyst is one cool mother fucker, just don't loan him any benjamins.
by Jewmanji October 17, 2003
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A kind of personality that speeds up the process of whatever is happening around him/her
his presents is catalystic; everything just happens so much faster when his around.
by cuda24 March 1, 2016
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Someone/something that brings about change easily through quatities of themselves.
Stephany's speech was so catalystic. It really got me thinking.
by Slate.scl March 13, 2016
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Catalyst: ( n) 1. A descendent of the Catalyst family, whom usually is the fault and, or, cause a disaster, tragedy, or any unfortunate. 2. Common expression when blaming something
Ex: "The Catalyst family causes everything."
Axel: Head of the Catalyst family, who makes usually everything go wrong
Ex: "Dammit Axel this is your fault!"
by SoNotACatalyst November 28, 2013
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