The natural allergic reaction had by an intelligent, thinking person when confronted by a world of tribalized, reactionary proto-humans. A condition characterized by a need for solitude, and skepticism about the nobility of one's fellows. Hatred and mistrust of man (and woman) kind. The state of being misanthropic.
My misanthropy is founded on the evidence: most people, most of the time, are pin-headed bottom feeders...I want nothing to do them.
by henry_quirk February 15, 2004
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Possibly the most rational, reasonable attitude when dealing with your fellow human.
Of course I embrace misanthropy, you stupid jerkwad -- we're a fucking plague across the fucking planet.
by T-Boy August 29, 2003
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the best way to think about people, you should all base your life off this, it'll be a much happier place, trust me.
"lets all go be misanthropic towards our fellow humans since their all shitmonkeys that need a life. those damn cow f*ckers"
by lalalala October 22, 2003
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A point of view towards the human race which is remotely intelligent.
Misanthropy has made me who I am, however I need practice my art, so I let them exist as long as they don't piss me off...
by darklordnollaf July 2, 2009
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Distrust of mankind.

What happens when a person feels betrayed after realizing that their personal concept of morality isn't compatible with mankind, yet continues to cling to it as if they were in denial. Basically, many have been living in a Disney-esque bubble all their lives, only to be thrown into the real world with real problems.
Misanthropes, people who subscribe to misanthropy, are frequently people who simply feel betrayed after realizing that their happy-sounding belief that is incompatible with humanity.
by udusers1 May 2, 2013
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every kind of people related (word)ism combined into one. people are completely fine with it, because everyone gets the same hatred.
"that's racism"

"oh that's bad"

"but that's also misanthropy since he hates everyone else too"

"oh it's ok"
by Sossololpipi February 14, 2021
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