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Portmanteau of animal and weaboo (or more accurately wolfaboo).

A special breed of animal lover who, unlike the standard view of animal lovers as kind and caring individuals who extend their compassion to all sentient beings, is so sentimentally obsessed with animals to the point where they become utterly illogical, insane and vicious.

Animalaboos have little to no understanding of nature, science or anything logical about animals, and instead get their impression from an anthropomorphized Bambi-esque viewpoint. To them, animals are nothing but pure, harmless angels who can do nothing but act peaceful and caring 24/7, and if they show anything that isn't they blame humans. In any conflict involving humans and animals, to the animalaboos, the animals always win.

While many animal lovers expand their compassion to include all animals as well as humans, animalaboos reserve all their compassion to animals (notably cute or beautiful ones) and show hostility to humans.

Opposing animal cruelty, being vegetarian/vegan, advocating humane treatment of animals or caring about animals and humans equally does NOT make someone an animalaboo. Even most animal lovers, vegans and animal rights activists (yes, even big PETA activists) facepalm at the behaviour of animalaboos, who are seldom vegan. While obviously there are very few people who match the behaviour of an animalaboo exactly, a significant proportion of internet community tends to exhibit high degrees of animalaboo-ism.
Comparison of standard animal lovers and animalaboos.

Example 1 - Wolves hunt deer for food.
Standard animal lover: "As cruel as it may look, it is nature."

Example 2 - Pro-animal terrorist poisons scientists at cosmetic research lab
Standard animal lover: "While I think cosmetic animal testing is cruel, what that guy did was evil. Shame on him."
Animalaboo: "What a hero! Killing evil humans to save the lives of innocent pure animals. How dare anyone bash him when he cares about animals!"

Example 3 - Aid for victims of major disaster in (foreign country).
Standard animal lover: "My heart goes out to all the people and animals affected by this disaster. I hope to lend a hand to the people affected by the disaster as well as the animals."

Example 4 - Terrorist use hungry dogs to eat a hostage alive.
Standard animal lover: "This is cruelty to the hostage and the dog, especially the hostage."
Animalaboo: "Yaay dogs finally got a meal happy ending AND I HOPE WHOEVER MADE THOSE DOGS HUNGRY DIES A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH!!!!!"

Example 5 - Dog owner using a low-budget leash
Standard animal lover: "I love your dog. I recommend (better leash) for your dog."
Animalaboo: "You dare give your dog anything but luxury? ANIMAL ABUSER BURN IN HELL!!!"
by udusers1 May 18, 2014
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Using a language dictionary to argue your points, to justify your actions, and/or to claim that all uses of a given word outside of a given dictionary are incorrect. Fallacious as English dictionaries do not prescribe usage, but merely describe how words are used by society.
Person 1: Stop treating your 35 year old son like a child. He's not a child anymore.
Person 2: But the dictionary says so. *pulls out Oxford* A child is "a son or daughter of any age". My 35 year old is my son, therefore he is a child. That means my 35 year old is not ready to watch anything but G rated movies, cannot drink beer, must obey my commands at all times, isn't old enough for a job, and...
Person 1: Classic argumentum ad dictionarium.
by udusers1 August 17, 2016
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1. Metrosexual
2. Urban rapid transit, commonly known as subway, tube, underground, metrorail.
1. He's a metro.
2. Take the metro line 1 to the airport.
by udusers1 July 16, 2010
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Where you can find all the racism, homophobia and other lunacy seen on YouTube comments, with significantly better grammar.
Liveleak comments will rot the sane portion of your brain, but is easier on the literate's mind.
by udusers1 September 17, 2013
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1. The generation born after Generation X and before Generation Z. Also known as Generation Y. Typically defined as being born from the early 80's to sometime in the mid or late 90's.

2. What people ignorantly use to call anyone younger than them that they can't relate to.
1. Like many Millennials, John watched The Lion King as a child in theatres back in 1994 and was hit hard by the Great Recession of 2008.

2. Cranky old man: "There go those Millennials and their computers and their MTV and their iPhones and their Led Zeppelin and their AC/DC and their Nintendos...."
by udusers1 December 22, 2017
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What happens everytime you use the internet to procrastinate. You forget what you were supposed to do.
"OK I need to finish this essay and document by 5:00 tonight so I'll get started in a bit....right after my internets"

1 hour later

"What was I supposed to do"

Mind reset
by udusers1 July 22, 2011
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