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Brony is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Krzyżanów, within Kutno County, Łódź Voivodeship, in central Poland. It lies approximately 12 kilometres (7 mi) south of Kutno and 40 km (25 mi) north of the regional capital Łódź.
The village has a population of 80.
When I was in Poland, I visited Brony!
by udusers1 November 04, 2011

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1. A follower of Islam, an Abrahamic religion
2. What many people ignorantly use to label anyone of Middle-Eastern descent.
1. The Muslim prayed outside.
Person: "Hey, this guy arrived from Iran the other day"
Ignorant person: "Oh, he's a Muslim!"
Person: "No, he's a devout Christian"
Ignorant person: "Oh...So he's a Christian Muslim!"
Person: *Facepalm*
by udusers1 September 17, 2013

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A pie filled with cream.
Man 1: "I ate a creampie today."
Man 2: "Was it good?"
Man 1: "No, it needed some fruit."
Man 2: "Yeah. And it doesn't sound healthy either."
Man 1: "I know. I mean just dairy fat and crust. Next time I'll get a cupcake."
by udusers1 October 29, 2014

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1) An offensive way of making fun of the Chinese languages.
2) What ignorant people use to make fun of all East Asian languages because they aren't smart enough to tell the difference between them.

Yang: 你要什么?
Mei: 你有不有拉面?
Some racist or immature kid: Ching chong ching chong
Mei: Say that again and I'm going to pound your face in.

Japanese language professor: こんにちは!大丈夫ですか?
Ignorant racist kid: Ching chong
Japanese language professor: Actually Japanese can't pronounce "ching chong" properly, and isn't in the same language family as any of the Chinese languages. So that's as intellectually incorrect as making fun of English by saying "derka derka derka" .
by udusers1 August 17, 2016

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Apparently the cause of cancer.
Everything causes cancer
by udusers1 February 09, 2012

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When the internet started owning our lives.
The 90s gave birth to the World Wide Web, and the very first internet meme.
by udusers1 September 19, 2010

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The year many famous animated shows came out.
In 1999, shows like Family Guy, SpongeBob Squarepants, Futurama, One Piece, etc.
by udusers1 June 08, 2011

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