get you to the moon means you will never give up on that person. through thick and thin.
i’ll get you to the moon.
by not here April 8, 2019
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whatever excites or sexually arouses you
1: this banana gets you off aye babe?
2: yeah baby, it's nice, very nice
by i know how it is March 29, 2011
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To kill or to get an adversary killed.
1. Dont worry you theiving son of bitch! I’ll get you gone sooner or later!

2. So he’s been lying this whole time??? I guess we’re gonna have to get that nigga gone.

3. With nothing to lose, i have absolutely no problem with getting you gone.

4. Im quick to get someone gone.
by speedracer310 June 29, 2018
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ok there is many ways to get u wet!basically its sexual activitys to get a woman wet on the body
and if i suck on dat pussy dat will get you wet
by SHARAI March 24, 2008
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When someone broke up with their bf/gf and are upset, to help them get back to the field and meet a new date. You can say this to cheer them up when you are taking them to a party to meet some new guy
A: jerry dumped me. I think I'm never getting over him.
B:hey don't be upset, there's a party later, wanna come? I'll get you a rebound!
by oooooooona January 3, 2016
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