When you act like boyfriend girlfriend but you're not actually. it also sometimes does lead to boyfriend girlfriend potencial.
We're not together, we're just DEALING.
by KIKI December 6, 2004
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When two people are together but are unsure of their relationship.
"Are you two going out?"
"I'm not sure yet, we're dealing right now..."
by twofaces September 4, 2008
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v., Retail selling or distribution of narcotics or other substances outlawed by government, see dealer.
You want some skag, talk to Chip, he's dealing.

Chip got busted for dealing.
by idunnit October 28, 2004
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the art of going out with some one.. you chopped them and now you're dealing
yo im dealing with this down as bitch you
by sim1 December 9, 2002
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A reality tv show on NBC that requires no skill, in which contestants merely choose briefcases at random. Recently, NBC demonstrated this by airing an episode where a monkey earned more money than a human contestant who was given the same setup of briefcases.
EX. 1
Host Howie: "Deal or no deal?"

Contestant: MOoohhahaH monkey sounds

EX. 2
Bill: Yeah, and to imagine I won it all on a game show.
Jim: Which one?
Bill: Deal or no deal?
Jim: Oh, the one that requires no skill.
by punkyBrewster January 15, 2009
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A show on NBC. It's known for its very over zealous host, Howie Mandel, and its even more over the top contestants. Most of which have some gimmick to offer on the show because that is the only way that NBC can get ratings these days. *sigh*. NBC used to have quality shows like ER, but they have turned into crap shows because NBC is more interested in the Apprentice and any other reality show they can get their hands on. Deal or no Deal has a good idea, but unfourtanately for us viewers it is on NBC.
Howeie Mandel: The Banker has just offered $100,000,000,000,000, deal or no deal?

Contestant: Um? Can I use one of my lifelines?

Howie Mandel: No dipshit! We'll be right back after some cheap advertising from NBC!
by redskins0756 May 4, 2006
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What you say to a prostitute who changed her price mid-fuck.
Man: "Bitch, I'll give you $20...Deal or No Deal?"

Whore: "Deal!"
by G2X April 13, 2007
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