another word for saying "you're not my type"

A boy is just trying to dump you if he says "we're incompatible"
boy: "i think we're incompatible"
girl: "what do you mean?"
boy: "are you sure this is working out?"
girl: "-_____- yeah i get it-- just break up with me already!"
by myexisafaggot January 31, 2011
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When a husband and his wife filed for divorce, or an unmarried couple decided to split, because both parties opted to get different vaccines or booster shots.
John who got Pfizer and his wife who got Moderna can’t wait until death to part ways—they told the judge that they can’t stand each other due to vaccine incompatibility.
by MathPlus February 19, 2022
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When a man's penis is too large to fit into the vagina of a woman during intercourse at first.
If the wrong shell type is presented to the gunner, his cannon cannot fire.
by Shell and Loader May 15, 2016
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Sexually Incompatible Syndrome a/k/a SIS A condition that occurs between two completely unsuspecting individuals, that otherwise seem to have the perfect ingredients for an extremely successful romance, and instead it turns into a SISmance. Only cure is abstinence and despite any hopes of the condition resolving it is a lifelong chronic condition. Not to be confused with other sexual conditions that are commonly symptomatic of SIS Syndrome, i.e…. Erectile dysfunction , Premature ejaculation , Inhibited or hypoactive sexual desire. What makes SIS Syndrome unique is the male partner has normal sexual intercourse with other women, even women he is not remotely attracted to, it simply is his SIS mate that he totally digs on all levels yet is frustratingly unable to complete the act of sexual intercourse with her. The syndrome is frequently overlooked after a couple unsuccessful encounters and instead blamed on drug induced conditions like intoxication. However after many failed attempts, and mornings of feeling completely unfulfilled, it becomes apparent the couple suffer from SIS. The SIS couple typically decide to remain friends, continue to dine, laugh, and flirt, although abandon any further attempts at sexual intercourse. On rare occasions the friendship simply can not survive the disturbing memories of the frustrating failed attempts at sexual intercourse.
Sexually Incompatible Syndrome a/k/a SIS a/k/a Sexually Incompatible Sister Syndrome (SISS)

I met this great guy we totally hit it off, same circle of friends, talkamania, laughamania textamania, kissamania for weeks. I’m sexually attracted to him, he cant keep his hands off of me, but when it comes to putting it in and finishing the job he’s a total no show... its like I turn into his Sister….damn SIS Syndrome! I even caught up with him a decade later and it was like twilight zone…. déjà fuckin vu!
by For Real2 July 12, 2011
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