24 definitions by Sossololpipi

one or more phrases intentionally made needlessly complicated to figure out the meaning of just to express a simple phrase. often used to sound intelligent, but just making you sound like a jackass.
Jack : "My brother is the black sheep of my family."

Daniel, new at English : what kind of metaphor is this?
by Sossololpipi August 28, 2020
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person 1 : "Hey, next time you come, things might not go well. Take that as a friendly warning."
person 2 : "yeah sure that's very friendly"
by Sossololpipi January 30, 2021
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a language that is actually extremely impractical and ugly, but sounds magnificent to those who don't speak it.
"that sexy guy even speaks French"

by Sossololpipi December 17, 2020
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by Sossololpipi November 29, 2020
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something that only exists to fill space.
"we can use water as a filler in chemistry"
by Sossololpipi March 1, 2021
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when you feel a fart, in your leg.
"i'm feeling like there's bumps in my leg"
"oh, a leg fart?"
"the hell's that"
by Sossololpipi November 7, 2020
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something society pretends to be, but no single individual pretends to be.
"you don't look like a NORMAL person"
"does anyone look normal?"
by Sossololpipi June 7, 2021
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