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You can never have enough hatred to fill your ego.
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
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Hatred is an important factor in the true human nature. Its best described as a state of controlled chaos wich instead of being a phisical state, such as a country withought goverment, is a mental state. Its made when anger solidifies in the persone psyché, usualy towards an individual or a group (wich can over time turn into a grudge), but also could be towards an object like a flower pot or even EVERYTHING at the time.

Hatred is natural, nothing wrong with it. Its important to vent your hatred in any way possible since if not that could lead into frustration.
Hatred is the essence of mankind, thats why we cant live withought war.

Hatred lies deep in your soul, your mind and your actions, theres no escaping from it.
by obsidian July 26, 2005
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The demon that lives inside all human things, it is a demon that creates stress, conflict, and war, and soon enough, destruction. Hatred is an enemy that is almost impossible to defeat. Plenty of people misuse Hatred because they really don't mean it.
A person who hates is afraid to show love.
by Joe Mangento January 03, 2005
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The trademark sign of love between two cynics. Often accompanied by sarcasm and clever insults.
Aww, look at the hatred they have towards each other. They're such a cute couple.
by James Bell January 13, 2007
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This is a feeling that is expressed when someone dislikes something or another person immensely. It can become so tremendously overwhelming that it makes the person feeling it want to murder someone or an animal, and most definitely the target of the hatred.
I have so much hatred for David Archuleta, it's not even funny! So stop fucking laughing!
by JobesJeebs May 27, 2008
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Hatred is intense dislike or ill will.

For example, when your sister knows you have arachnophobia, yet decides to get a tarantula anyway to mess with you.
I’m so filled with hatred towards my sister that I’m gonna get a tarantula to mess with her .
by Jozlolz November 21, 2018
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