A : What did u do last night?
B : I enjoyed movie with my boyfriend.
A : you REally piss me off
B : piss me off?
by farmbeach0510 May 13, 2007
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Makes you very frustrated
He was talking so loud, it was really pissing me off..
by lokka June 12, 2014
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Something you say before you unleash hell on someone.
Piss me off and I'm gonna bounce your head off a horses ass
by pissmeoffand February 4, 2010
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A term said to another when they continuously frustrate you by their actions or foul mouth causing you to feel displeasure and anger. When you've had enough and want to illustrate how you are frustrated by them but don't have to the guts to apply an insult or threat, you can tell them how you are feeling pissed and you have had enough.
"Dude stop pissing me off, I've literally had enough of you"
by GoblinCircus February 5, 2018
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When someone says a silly question where the answer is definitely yes. Can also happen when a peng ting walks past.
“Hey g do you want a lager?”

“Don’t piss me off”
by Cmong6969gees August 27, 2019
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Your Fuxing mad at someone like
Person 1 (bully): Hey hey hey, its him agai-
Person 2 (Bullied): geez stop Your Pissing me Off

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by Vanx_The_Bunny_Boy February 11, 2021
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totally pissed off to the nth power; so angry that you are about to do slap someone in the face but need to express it verbally instead.
by finewoman September 22, 2013
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