1) A serious and spreading sickness.

2) A serious and spreading problem.

3) That which is borne by the PlagueBearer.
1) The plague spread through New Hampshire, making many cough and die.

2) The rats were a serious plague, which Great Britain intended to handle quickly.

3) PlagueBearer sure bears plague.
by Mimir September 23, 2003
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a variation of the word 'sick', as in awesome, cool, tight, etc.

'bubonic' may also be used in place of plague
Did you catch the concert last night? The band's drumming was hella plague!
by ClaraAnne March 12, 2009
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in a historical context, the plague often refers to the bubonic plague or "black death", also known as pestilence, which wiped out large portions of the population of Europe and Asia during the 14th and 15th centuries

in a modern vernacular context, the plague refers to someone being out with illness, most often a chest cold or flu, usually exaggerating the extent of one's illness while demonstrating their incapacity
Sara can't come in today, she's out with the plague
Okay then send her my condolences and tell her to get better soon!

The Bubonic plague, otherwise simply called the "plague", killed millions of people in medieval Europe
by UM North Quad March 30, 2013
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an illness that wipes large numbers of living organisms out of existance.
"Oh dear I have seem to have caught the plague"
"Oh dreadfully sorry"
"Don't be I have growen weary of liveing"
"OH then it's all for the best"
by Nathan Hickey May 18, 2005
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A term to define a crowd of negative, hateful, vindictive, malicious, abusive, people who have no concept of kindness, consideration, or "Harm None", despite the number of "Wiccans" in the actual crowd. See lemmings, sheep, queen, clannie, spellchecker, guinness, cancer.
"You goin' out tonight?"
"Naw. The plague of people that will be there makes me want to just rent movies at Blockbuster, and stay my ass home."
by NottaFanNEMore December 6, 2004
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A sickly and unidentifiable disease brought on by chronic marijuana use. Often augmented by nasty ass Whitman "beeshe(s)" and regularly going twenty deep.
"Hey man you wanna hit this "spleef?" Naw dude im on hiatus I have the plague. I just coughed up blood and urinated green today.
by BatmanB May 23, 2007
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Plague, The mass recruited Arma 3 Olympus gang that commonly sits on Server 2 all day and get wiped by Synthetic
Plague were 8v15d by Synthetic when they pushed them at Rebel (12/31/2018)
by Alfr3dTh3G0d January 1, 2019
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