Hatred is intense dislike or ill will.

For example, when your sister knows you have arachnophobia, yet decides to get a tarantula anyway to mess with you.
I’m so filled with hatred towards my sister that I’m gonna get a tarantula to mess with her .
by Jozlolz November 21, 2018
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The thing I have towards the guy that disapproved my previous definition.
I literally had a perfect definition for "smart" and then some guy was like "Nope, not good". Now I have hatred towards him
by [Insert Cool Username] June 26, 2020
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Updating Facebook but not responding to a text from your significant other.
That is complete hatred.
by Coopsie24 July 7, 2018
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The trademark sign of love between two cynics. Often accompanied by sarcasm and clever insults.
Aww, look at the hatred they have towards each other. They're such a cute couple.
by James Bell January 13, 2007
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Hatred is a typical word used to express you’re (emotions) and usually taken as a (insult) To others but let’s be reminded that this (word) can be used to (invite) (happiness) and (enlighten )your day! (Hatred)can be used in sentences people (hate) on others because they truely hate themselves and usually have a lot to say about others they don’t know and hate the fact that others lives are a (mirrored) (image) of another’s.
Hatred-Don’t hate appreciate!
by Miss purr February 22, 2019
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You can never have enough hatred to fill your ego.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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