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dis·trust /dɪsˈtrʌst/ {dis-truhst}
–verb (used with object)
to regard with doubt or suspicion; have no trust in.

lack of trust; doubt; {suspicion}.

1505–15; dis-1 + trust

—Related forms
dis·trust·er, noun
pre·dis·trust, noun, verb (used with object)


See suspicion.
There is evidence that trusting people are healthier and happier and live longer than distrusting people do.
by Kodicanus February 18, 2010
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Distrust is the beta for the first Gane in the Danagronpa franchise Trigger Happy Havco.
Monokuma was intended to be more human like and Leon was always gon a die first
Person A: dude have you seen the beta of Trigger Happy Havco?
Person B: yea Distrust it's crazy dude
via giphy
by SHSL Fireworks Maker August 15, 2018
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