The act of sticking a finger into your rectum and wiping the residue on a persons upper lip that when dryed, resembles a moustache like Adolf Hitler's.
When Butters' was asleep last night, I gave him a Hitler.
by machima April 23, 2003
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Geting your poo on your finger and wiping it on your sleeping friend's face to give him/her a mustache like Hitler's
I hitlered him and he was smelling my shit the whole day
by pooteck May 21, 2003
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its when you stick yhur finger up yhur ass after yhu took a crap without wiping and then put it on someone upper middle lip use as a joke or prank
Eric hitlered Butters after he just shited out diarrhea.
by gawdfckoff April 14, 2009
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Gettin a shit Mustache Just like Hitlers
"Butters, Im gonna Hitler you if your as Dont go to sleep, piece of shit.
by Jay March 20, 2003
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To recieve a raw deal or to be screwed over. A more PC version of "jew".
"I had dibs on the last piece of pizza but Steve hitlered it."

"Man, I hope the Boss doesn't hitler me and give that raise to Frank."
by William Van Landingham February 16, 2005
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A man you can compare anyone or anything you don't like to.

Do you disagree with someone? Is it especially concerning political views? Hitler is the ever-convenient figure you can always compare them to! Hitler's Nazi regime murdered 6 million Jews, and was responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people in World War II, making him the ultimate embodiment of human evil. But don't let those heavy details keep you from comparing him to anyone you disagree with, no matter how blatantly ignorant of history and disrespectful of his victims it makes you look.

Think government health care is wrong? No problem! Compare its proponents to Hitler. Does drilling oil offshore and in Alaska get under your skin? Just play the good old Hitler card against the drilling supporters. Hell, the comparison even works with rival sports teams you don’t like.

Photos of people you don't like or agree with can easily be "Hitlerized" with the simple addition of a small mustache and swept bangs on the forehead.
President Bush/Obama is just like Hitler because he started a war/gives good speeches.
by Crixxxx January 18, 2011
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