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A term for the ilicit marijuana
"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Motha Motha Fuck,Motha Fuck,Motha Fuck Motha Fuck Nyoonch, Nyoonch, Nyoonch, 1-2, 1-2-3-4, Nyoonch, Nyoonch, Nyoonch, Shmokin Weed, Shmokin Weed..."-Jay
by Jay January 25, 2005
receiving oral sex, have a female perform oral sex on you head
by Jay March 29, 2005
Yorkshire slang for being wasted on crack cocaine or heroin. Same definition as gauching.
I saw that bleddy crank chenging it out on the rocks last night!
by Jay February 15, 2005
1. One who has eyes which closely resemble a pair of vaginas.
2. A vagina that closely resembles Baishi's eyes.
I was under the stands at the football game and she wasn't wearing any panties and I saw her baishi!!
by Jay October 31, 2003
Don't make me whip out my Baishi skills fo shizzle.
by Jay October 8, 2003
toug, an adjective used like the word tough. Originating from a mispelling of the voice selection menu in Planetside where there was not enough room for the proper title of Grizzled/Toug
omg that is so toug
by Jay July 9, 2003
a pimp dog

*note, often used by those trying to sound hip or ghetto
did you see that? man that's my dizzog!
by Jay July 24, 2004