A common misspelling of "receive". Some smartasses like to "criticize" this mistake, but "they're" usually the ones who make the actually irritating misspelling of many other words.
Look at these morans! 'Their' 'writting' the word receive wrong, but 'there' 'totaly' 'delireious' 'aboot' it! They 'should of' not 'writen' recieve!
by DJDash March 1, 2009
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A misspelling of a simple word children learn to spell correctly at around 8 or 9. That's not criticism - it's observation and it's only an action of "smartarses" to point out errors when they do it badly. Spelling is easy - it's the writing which takes thought.
Did you recieve the receipt ?
by spielie December 6, 2009
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Recieve is an extremely common and irritating misspelling of Receive. Receive, as you know, means to have aquired something. If you see the word 'Recieve' written anywhere, criticise whoever wrote it. their spelling pure ignorance.
examples of stupid mistakes are all around us. recieve is one of them.
by Róbbi Skæra September 7, 2006
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The spelling bee champion of his 1st grade class above me neglected to correctly spell "acquired", so it seems all of you who are reading this get a double-dose of spelling corrections.
Receive, as you know, means to have aquired something. recieve
by JDee123 January 14, 2009
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A Girl, Usually A Whore That Looses Her Virginity To A Guy With A Big Dick. Is Now Known To The World As A Wide Reciever.
The Wide Reciever Absorbs Big Dick.
by Nosh On My Big D(: November 8, 2010
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When someone throws some quality banter your way and you want to show your appreciation and respect by not providing a come back.
"Well I didn't see you getting with Neil's sister last night..."

"Banter recieved mate. Banter recieved."
by Prestige-worldwide February 23, 2016
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recieving GOD
"recieve him"
by sherisse March 23, 2010
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