The most powerful force in the universe, it is used to call possession of a certain object or idea. There are very few things that trump dibs.
dibs on definition 1
by Jon Reed November 20, 2006
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A claim expressing priority over an object. Similar to the equally definite process of calling something.
If you kill yourself, I have dibs on your IPod
by Matt I February 10, 2005
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A mini dab done with the thumb and index finger. Done when a dab is not appropriate or sufficient. Multiple dibs consecutively are not only permitted but encouraged.
Adam dabbed the other day and dislocated his shoulder, so now he does a dib for the sake of safety.

"dib dib dib"
by dibdibdib February 19, 2018
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n.- something you yell or say (to your dude friends) when you see a pretty woman walk by. the first person to call "dibs" on the woman "gets her" even though if you are playing this game she is obviously way out of your league.

v.- the act of calling dibs

- the act of dibsing
n.- (girl walks by) DIBS!... this is normally by your manfriends either agreeing and respecting your dibs or getting extremely mad because they were just about to dibs the same woman.

v.- no dude, you cant have that! i already dibsed it!
by B1g R1ck October 19, 2009
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A nickname of the port Odaiba, a major port in Tokyo, Japan.
Hey Dan, do you wanna go to Shibs or Dibs?
by shoislegit June 19, 2018
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One of the main characters from the cartoon Invader Zim. Dib is a young boy who dreams of being a paranormal investigator when he grows up, even though his father, a world-famous scientist, wants him to study 'real science'. When the alien Zim appears at his school with plans for world domination, Dib is often the only one who can stop him. Unfortunately, no one else realizes that Zim is an alien, so they all think that Dib is insane.
"Yeah, what's wrong with you? All you talk about is aliens and ghosts and seeing bigfoot in your garage!"
"He was using the belt sander... "
-- from "The Nightmare Begins"
by Tash Dragon November 25, 2004
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