A useful tool in the last line of defence in any debate or argument. Born in 1888, Hitler lives to this day in the recesses of bankrupt discourse.
"Well, that's like something Hitler would say."
by BritishArrow September 4, 2011
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A label for anyone you politically disagree with.
by Nickac December 12, 2018
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You should hire a Hitler to take out multiple Karen’s
by Epicwigger August 11, 2019
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One of the most overlooked, and hated individuals in history. However, if any of these people actually read a book about him and his policies, they would most likely be in favor of him.
average beta redditor: wow hitler sucks he killed 35 trillion jews

person with a normal brain: false. the number of jews killed in the holocaust have been heavily inflated, and although many lives of jews were unfortunately lost, it is at fault of the allied bombing campaigns which caused starving and disease. had the bombings never happened thousands of innocent jews held at the camps could have been saved.

JIDF agent: My entire family was among the 6 million who died in the holocaust- they were gassed, shot, hung then turned into stepladders, along with another 7 million. Truly horrifying, we must never forget the 8 million.

It's truly incredible how Hitler killed 9 million Jews. If I had 1 shekel for every one of the 10 million Jews that Hitler killed, I would have a lot of shekels. At least 22 million shekels, since I get 2 shekels for every of the 11 million Jews killed. So it's settled. The government should pay me 36 million shekels. 3 shekels x 12 million Jews.
JIDF agent:
by retard6969 February 7, 2021
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The nicest guy you’ll ever meet !
Oh boy Hitler is my favourite person !
by Scranielle October 18, 2020
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