A useful tool in the last line of defence in any debate or argument. Born in 1888, Hitler lives to this day in the recesses of bankrupt discourse.
"Well, that's like something Hitler would say."
by BritishArrow September 4, 2011
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A label for anyone you politically disagree with.
by Nickac December 12, 2018
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You should hire a Hitler to take out multiple Karen’s
by Epicwigger August 11, 2019
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Described as a great person with multiple talents such as leadership and art skill.
Wow look at my boy, such a Hitler!
by Jamesthefatwhitedude June 30, 2020
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My leader. The greatest nigga to ever live, except for tupac.
"Damn isn't that Hitler guy the greatest"
by Jean-Marie Loret April 12, 2017
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