Someone who didn't drink in highschool that ends up at the hospital, and quotes OAR in their away messages.
yo that smelling dry humped a wildebeast on the metro north train
by lasballs April 17, 2006
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Derisive nickname for Los Angeles, rhymes with "L.A." Coined because of the smog stink.
Think I'll drive to Smell A this weekend. Sure like to visit, but wouldn't want to live there.
by Star Watcher June 02, 2006
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Something that your nose picks up...can be nice, pungent or make you gag.
Scott liked to smell his farts
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
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The proper recipe for “The Smell” is to take one box of Instant Garlic Mashed Potato mix and place the cooked contents into an air-tight plastic container. Place said container on top of a warm electrical surface like the top of a refrigerator. Wait 16 weeks. Next identify someone you dislike and leave the opened plastic container in their place of residence (Preferably by an air exchange vent). The unique aroma of The Smell will induce immediate and violent spells of vomitting. Sit back and enjoy.
Adam placed The Smell in Janey’s apartment. 5 minutes later Janey heaved chunks all over her mattress
by What’s The Dilly Yo? October 16, 2020
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What people say when they feel stupid and want to laugh at someone.
Sam: Gary?
Gary: Yeah?
Sam: Smells!!
Gary: Shut up, you fucking loser.
by Mel August 27, 2004
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The smells of sex, puke, and stale cigarette smoke are all it takes for me to remember the summer of '99.
by King Shit January 18, 2003
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the smell is the gross yet comforting smell you get when you move your nose piercing, whether it be a septum or a nostril piercing.
"ah I just got the smell"-Leo
"ah niccee"-Devin
by beetlebee May 20, 2020
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