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have or express a different opinion.
"no one was willing to disagree with him"
synonyms: fail to agree, be in dispute/contention, be at variance/odds, not see eye to eye, differ from, dissent from, diverge from; More
antonyms: agree
disapprove of.
"she disagreed with the system of apartheid"
synonyms: disapprove of, oppose, dissent from, think wrong, be against, have a problem with, demur about/against, not believe in, not support
"they disagreed with American policy"
antonyms: agree
(of statements or accounts) be inconsistent or fail to correspond.
"results which disagree with the findings reported so far"
synonyms: differ, be dissimilar, be unlike, be different, vary; More
antonyms: agree
(of food, climate, or an experience) have an adverse effect on.
"the sea crossing disagreed with her"
synonyms: make ill, make unwell, nauseate, sicken, upset, cause illness to, cause discomfort to, be injurious to, have an adverse effect on
"the North Sea crossing seemed to have disagreed with her"
by warriorpaulding April 27, 2019
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