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word meaning "hey!" or "you there!" To get someone's attention, often in anger or when one is on crack.
Say playa! why do yo lie to me man! I ain't seen no money! I'm gonna take all your bitches and drop'em off in you driveway! how you like that shit nigga!?!
by Boss February 26, 2004
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What many people speak or type when they really mean to speak or type the word, "read".
{Susie, on telephone with pawn shop}: This slip says that the due date is June 10.
{Pawnbroker, on other end of telephone}: That's funny, I don't hear it saying anything!
by Telephony June 11, 2015
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Short for "What do you say?". Means listen to me and/or respond to my question. May also be used to prod the person to respond.
Say, didn't I see you talking to my girlfriend at the party? Say? Uh? Say?
by jchadh September 19, 2006
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Used to further express frustration or add more dramaticism to a statement.

Can often be paired with "man".

Clearest translation is a figurative "look".
"Bro, she really did all that?"
"Man, say...all that and more."
Translation: "Man, look...all that and more."

"When you gone come get all yo shit?"
"Say...I'll get it when I'm ready."
Translation: "Look...I'll get it when I'm ready."
by PaQueSepas March 27, 2019
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The term "says", originating in South-Western Sydney as an accidental synonym to "days", is considered to be an informal replacement to "days" by the Estonian army whilst at war.
Person 1: "I remember the says when I was 14. Wow."
Person 2: "Yeah, they were the good old says."
by iwrestledyourmumonce July 19, 2010
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While giving instructions about computer entry options, used to refer to the act of clicking on a dialog box on the computer screen. click
Say "I accept" and enter your name then say "okay". The program should then save to your desktop.
by flippytale January 13, 2004
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