6 definitions by pooteck

getting stuff stolen like from the animals or the... cough trashpickers.
They fucking cooned all the shit out of my garage.
by pooteck May 22, 2003
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While doing a girl in the butt and managing to get your balls in too.
It is called this because it is as hard as getting a dog in a bathtub.
by pooteck May 23, 2003
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when having sex in the woods/forest and a large animal comes up from behind and fucks the one on top in the ass.
Man that fucking douche got forest raped by smokey the bear.
by pooteck May 22, 2003
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Geting your poo on your finger and wiping it on your sleeping friend's face to give him/her a mustache like Hitler's
I hitlered him and he was smelling my shit the whole day
by pooteck May 22, 2003
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