The act of slapping two penises together. Learned people (that's "learNED" pronounced with two syllables, boyee) often use the word "discourse" because they do not want to offend anyone by actually saying "slapping two penises together."
Eagleton is invoking an ethical obligation on the part of the intellectual to speak for, but also to, those whose consciousness is lagging behind whatever Hegelian discourse of utopian progress is being espoused.

I had a discourse with your mom last night.
by bigtrick October 29, 2006
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An English term the nobody understands.
"No students what is the discourse of this piece of text" . . . . . . . . WTF!
by Wadup February 27, 2005
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the word your english teacher says sometimes and you haven't got a fucking clue what he's on about
nerd: modern discourses
steve: your fucking gay
by taller than you kk ty February 04, 2009
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