A word that girls who spend their lives living on facebook use to express the word "you". There's no point and it's totally meaningless. It makes them look dumb, like they can't spell a single word right.
My Facebook Status:
"Yhu tell me yhu love me but yhur just lying to meee :'( <3 </3 jweiwjdkcnw"
by Mrs. Rightallthetime December 24, 2011
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something ghetto girls/ hot Cheeto girls say instead of "you"
if u say yhu we can't be friends
by thatsprettylitpeppa February 2, 2020
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Typing more letters than you need too, no point whatsoever
Used by superficial chavs all over the world...
It actually means you.
Millie: Hii hunnii
Me: Hello
Millie: Howz yhu babii, ii'm okii
Me: wtf...
by Briony (: June 11, 2008
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a word meaning "you" but spelled differently, commonly used by black people

notice how i didn't bash anyone or use microaggressions?
"yhu cute" "what are yhu doing"
by saIem June 6, 2021
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It’s the ratchet way to spell “you”. There’s no saving time in writing it it’s when you wanna speak ghetto.
by yourlocalhoodgirl January 11, 2020
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A word for dumb fucking Cheeto girls or wannabe gangsters that think they’re the shit
Hot cheeto girl- yhu playing too much
by Nothing new December 1, 2020
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What people use when they in middle school and think they all that in a bag of chips when they ain’t and say that stuff and don’t even know what it mean so the get beat up for what because they thought they were all that in a bag or chips. So if I was you I wouldn’t use this slag word please and thank you mista
Man I miss yhu so much
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