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A word that girls who spend their lives living on facebook use to express the word "you". There's no point and it's totally meaningless. It makes them look dumb, like they can't spell a single word right.
My Facebook Status:
"Yhu tell me yhu love me but yhur just lying to meee :'( <3 </3 jweiwjdkcnw"
by Mrs. Rightallthetime December 23, 2011
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Typing more letters than you need too, no point whatsoever
Used by superficial chavs all over the world...
It actually means you.
Millie: Hii hunnii
Me: Hello
Millie: Howz yhu babii, ii'm okii
Me: wtf...
by Briony (: June 11, 2008
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from the most boater of schools,valhalla high school, faggots who act like the gangsters when they're actually boaters who are legit 5'4, will use this word instead of 'you' to act "gangster"
*posts a qna on instagram story* : if yhu know me, when's my birthday
by valhallahighschoolian July 21, 2019
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