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1.Utterly fucked, completely buggered, totally cunted. Gone arse over tit.

2.Rosy-cheeked, marinated, pissed as an Irishman.
"Argh argh argh, oh christ, me leg's shited, which fucking comedian put a beartrap in the middle of the High Street?"

"The West Coast trains have been shited at the weekend for months because those Glasgwegian bawbags cannot do an honest day's work, not even if you bribe them with smack."

"My plans to go for a night out and get utterly shited where scotched when I realised I lived in a bleak urban wasteland."
by Oft Disgruntled March 01, 2006
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The art of being absolutly bolloxed, being completly fucking smashed to the point of poisining yourself and irritating people around you to the extent that they would like to smash your face in with your own head.
"Fuck me was i Shited last night ya cunt!! i know mate you were completly battered out of your twat!! do you remember pulling that black guy in the toilet of that club?
by Isildur100 June 10, 2011
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