a case of rough or unfair treatment (see also a royal fucking)
So he fired you because you are disabled, talk about a raw deal.
by Light Joker September 9, 2005
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when something is bad, usually said when stoned, founded by the clipston click
"that was a raw deal bong"
by Tom Hayward and Mason November 19, 2004
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When a man rapes another man, without the use of contraception, or lubricant.
"Aww, he gave me a raw deal."
by Tony Brown May 28, 2005
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He seemed to ignore, I said be for real
it's not even worth it to go raw deal
by gshittlez October 27, 2006
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The great government handout of 2008/2009 that helped no-one but Wall Street. Sequel to the New Deal and Square Deal of the previous century.
We pay taxes only to get the Raw Deal.
by Snehal March 12, 2011
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