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Full, the entire thing. An almost sarcastic or ironic remark. Used to describe something that usually wouldn't be described as "whole", because it's common sense to know that it is. Ex: a whole person, a whole baby, a whole dog, etc. Used for pointless humor that everyone loves, doesn't really make any sense, tbh
If your friend yells at your dog, you gotta get rid of the whole friend, bruh. Like you got no choice. There ain't no redeeming yourself from that.
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by _SmittyWerbenjagermanjensen_ October 12, 2017
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Men who are not loyal in relationships and disrespectful; men who are promiscuous in their relationships and sleep with many other women. Men who are whores and assholes (whole). A male partner who unknowingly calls and seeks affection and intimacy from other women
girl 1: didn't you date him?
girl 2: yeah, but he ended up cheating on me...
girl 1: what a whole!
by slori April 22, 2011
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