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Archaic: To perform intercourse. From the French "foutre".
"I warn you, my lad, you will be sodomised; you, my girl, I shall futter; for the thief who is bearded, a third punishment remains." (Priapus)

He fared forth from her to the second wife in her chamber and stretched himself beside her and toyed with her and futtered her. (from 1001 Arabian Nights)
by ElTonico August 16, 2006
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Refers to the sound of slapping against the buttocks during sex.FUTTERING
If you want to earn your bread and butter.
best you learn then how to futter
by lowdown November 16, 2004
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The sound your fat makes when you run fast or the wind blows. When the fat flaps and rolls on one’s body move independently from the body. Usually in rapid circular movements.

Alternate: To feel the fat on your body expanding so much that it feels like a tub of butter
I heard my fat futter in the wind as I was running toward the hot dog truck.
by KeiraC June 19, 2008
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