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The two halves of a heinie. Buns. Nalgas.

May be pronounced BYOU tocks.
Get yer buttocks outta here.
by Bumkicker Slade May 07, 2005
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wordbutt/word wordass/word
they kicked me in the buttocks
by VVoody September 11, 2003
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Carl: "Hey, there's Tom Cruise. What a buttock he is!"
Vic: "You are so correct, my man."

Dionne: "Lurlene fixed me up with a blind date last night. What a buttock!"
LaWanda: "Which one? Lurlene or your date?"
Dionne: "BOTH of them!"

Mom: "Stop picking your nose, Willy. Don't be a buttock!"
by Brawlin' Paddy July 16, 2005
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the most polite way possible to swear
Emilio Post: I'm leaving you for your best friend.
Emily Post: Oh buttock.
by Slumdog January 17, 2009
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