The two halves of a heinie. Buns. Nalgas.

May be pronounced BYOU tocks.
Get yer buttocks outta here.
by Bumkicker Slade May 7, 2005
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wordbutt/word wordass/word
they kicked me in the buttocks
by VVoody September 11, 2003
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all you people are wrong, buttocks means myself (according to world history book at tatnallll)
me effin buttocks is so effn hawt!

my buttocks is effin tired

my buttocks effin hurts from all that anal ;)
by Sick of it April 16, 2005
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The buttocks. The fleshy, cushiony, and sexually stimulating protrusions on both the male and female backsides, strategically located between the lower back and the hamstrings.
Daneesha: "Hey girl, check out mah man, Raj. Dag, that nigga's got some buttockals..."
Kaneesha: "I'm feelin' you, baby. Only person on this damn earth with finer ones is Serena...."
by stockman09 August 9, 2007
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the singular form of buttocks.
one butt cheek
"Wow, thats one nice buttock you have there."
by Tomanda February 18, 2003
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the most polite way possible to swear
Emilio Post: I'm leaving you for your best friend.
Emily Post: Oh buttock.
by Slumdog January 17, 2009
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