an adverb that describes something such as an action that cannot be explained or accounted for.
His car inexplicably disappeared. (meaning that his car disappeared without any logical explanation.)
by joeanne January 11, 2014
Impossible, or extremly difficult, to explain (usually in words).
It is inexplicable how Princess Peach and Princess Daisy switched seats after Princess Rosalina screamed in a small chamber.
-My narration for 'The 3 Little Princesses' on Youtube, icygirl9000's production
by Mr. Wario January 12, 2016
It's like... umm.. sort of like a ... hmm.. it's... it's a word that is used when you.. uhh... ok sorry, it's hard to explain.
Inexplicable things:
Who assassinated...
by awesofrickintastic August 30, 2007
The feeling you get after you've been drinking heavily for several days and suddenly stop.
After that bender last week I caught a case of the inexplicable sadness.
by JP408 June 7, 2007
When a character in fiction makes a bigoted statement (usually sexism) for no reason other than the (usually female) protagonist to make a rebuttal to insert activist bait in place of actual character development. Primarily done in situations where even a bigoted character would have no reason to make statements like that, like if the character is cowardly and about to be killed by the protagonist.
"I read comic with female protagonist, I liked the story, but it had a lot of inexplicable sexist dialogue which was very distracting."
by dirtwashere August 15, 2021